Bringing it to the Youth

Edit: Because the entire world is now on facebook, we have a facebook group going. Join now and meet all sorts of people who all love baseball. Comment and keep this blog rocking like the Trop tonight during the game! 

This is Arielle from over at Dispatches from Red Sox Teen Nation and I’ll be taking over this blog. We simply can’t have a guy who graduated from college in the same year that Game 2 starter James Shields was born cover an under-30 World Series blog. 

Anyways, back to the Series.

Ideally, Josh Beckett would be facing off against Brett Myers in Game 2, but the Red Sox ran into some mishaps in the ALCS, so the Tampa Bay Rays are representing the American League.


(Beckett ran into some arm troubles, Rays represented by Arthur, King of the Britons.)

Tampa Bay was beat in every aspect of the game last night by the Phillies, but don’t be fooled. The Rays are here to make some noise. This team is not only young in age, but also young in experience, so forgive them if they were a little intimidated last night. The World Series is kind of a big deal. 

And how ’bout them Phillies? Cole Hamels pwned last night (pwned = pitched really well, for you older folks out there). He wasn’t even alive the last time the Phillies won the World Series, but he pitched last night as if he’d been on the mound for a lot more than his three years in the big leagues. 


Then there’s “Lights-Out” Lidge. For all the competition in the American League over which closer is the best, the National League probably has the answer to that. He was 41-41 in saves in the regular season and is six for six in the postseason.  At almost 32 years-old, he’s a little bit of a grandpa in this series, but Phillies fans will probably take it.

Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard have not even gotten started in this series yet, and the Rays will probably show up in Game 2 now that they have gotten the big game skittishness out of their systems. Tonight at 8 PM (ET of course), Big Game James faces off against Big Bat Brett in a battle at the Trop. 

Will the Rays leave Tampa tied? Or will Philly return home with a dominating 2 game lead? It’s all on FOX tonight. 
P.S. Thanks for the taco, Jason.

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