Rays Extinguished?

Edit: The weather in Philly looks reminiscent of a scene out of Noah. However, there is probably about a 2% chance of the umpires calling the game. Imagine calling a World-Series clinching game because of rain. Very anti-climatic. What would the Phillies do, charge the mound with their umbrellas? Improvise a slip-n-slide in the outfield?

On another note, the umpires again have not been overly impressive. The strike zone for Kazmir was flat-out ameobic. Also, Utley’s double play, while definitely skillful, may not have actually been a double play. Did he actually tag the runner? The replays were unclear, but perhaps the umpires saw something the replays didn’t show. Correct call or not, the umpiring has definitely been sub-par for the entire series.

When a pitcher hits a home run, the opposing team is in for a long night.

Joe Blanton propelled his team a strangling 3-1 series lead last night after some top notch pitching AND hitting. The Phillies are clicking right now in every area of the game. They’re even getting breaks from umpires.

The Tampa Bay Rays have proven to the world that great things can come from a team you least expect it from, but time is quickly running out for them. Carlos Pena has been 0-12 in the World Series, and Longoria hasn’t picked up the slack with an 0-17 slump of his own. The same team who hit 16 home runs in seven games against the Red Sox has hit just three home runs through four games.

To top it all off, the Rays will face Cole Hamels in Philadelphia tonight. The same Cole Hamels who has not lost a game in the playoffs and has a 1.55 postseason ERA. The same Philadelphia where the Phillies have not lost this postseason.

It seems as if the Rays of hope are all but gone.

However, the Rays did just come off of a series against a team who fell to a 1-3 deficit, seemed to have nothing going for them, then came back to force a Game 7. The Rays offense is still scary. They could explode at any moment. Let a Ray on a basepath and chances are, he’ll steal a base. Six teams have come back from a 1-3 deficit to win the World Series. October is the month of magic.

We’ll see what magic both sides have cooking tonight at 8 on FOX. Hopefully the umpires will show up.

Photo from philly.com


  1. tstuart3@utoledo.edu

    This is great! this will give Rays a chance to rest and it ruins the Phils momentem they had coming into this game. There is however big pressure on both teams, obviously more Rays. This is the most important 3 innings in there lives, the Rays have to keep the season alive and the Phils don’t want to go to Tampa where the Rays would have the advantage and have a very good chance to win a game7

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