Halfway There

It’s the World Series and anything can happen. It’s the territory of two-hour rain delays, playing in puddles, pitching match-ups for the ages, tie games late at night, close calls at the bases, and quirky little singles that lead to infield celebrations.

It’s the ninth inning, it’s the bases loaded, it’s up at the plate just hoping for a fly ball deep into the outfield, it’s trying to handle a slippery ball in slippery fingers shaking from excitement. It’s the 2008 World Series, and the Phillies have a 2-1 lead.

No matter what the math says, tonight is a must-win game for the Rays. If they have to face Cole Hamels in an elimination Game 5, the Rays will have more than a mountain to climb in order to grasp that trophy. Andy Sonnanstine must take that mound with every bit of composure he can muster, he must pitch his heart out, and the Rays must play their best game yet.

On the other side, the Phillies cannot let their series lead get away. If they want the Rays in a chokehold, they must win tonight. The offense has to light up the scoreboard to give Joe Blanton every ounce of security he needs. They cannot let the game even get close, cannot let the Rays start whispering in hope, cannot let the Rays tie the series.
It is Game 4 tonight. The lights turn on at 8 PM. Be there.


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