Youth is served

Two teams with rosters full of twenty-somethings battle for a World
Championship. The Rays youngsters have led one of the most remarkable
one-year turnarounds in baseball history, while Phillies’ young nucleus
has been groomed for this moment.

Rays fans have never been
witness to anything like this, and most Phillies fans under 30 weren’t
alive the last time their team won it all. This is a place for the
under-30 crowd to gather and talk about the Fall Classic and their
fellow youngsters on display on the field.



  1. jrocke92

    It’s gonna be a great World Series with this infusion of young talent from Hamels, Utley, Howard, and Rollins to basically the entire Tampa roster minus Cliff Floyd and Dan Wheeler. If only the Yankees could get scouts like Philly and Tampa does, tisk tisk.

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