The Tampa Bay Rays all season long have been touting the mantra 9=8 all season long. If nine men play nine innings of good baseball, they will be able to be one of the eight in the postseason. Well, tonight the Rays will have to play 3 innings of good baseball. The most bizarre game in World Series history resumes tonight.

Sorry, I almost said starts. It started two days ago.

Cole Hamels is supposed to lead off the sixth inning. Monday’s starter. On Wednesday. Not happening. 

Both Joe Maddon and Charlie Manuel have had 36 hours to plot and plan until their brains burst. Joe Maddon even had time to get some more fashionable, Sarah Palin style glasses. They have had two days in between halves of an inning to think about the most minor details of the game at hand, who’s been used, who hasn’t been used, to get baseball’s closest equivalent to a 2 minute drill in order for tonight’s three inning game. It’s like little league all over again, but everyone involved is talented.

The Rays only have three chances to keep their series alive. The Phillies have four chances to end it here. Who will end up on top?

Stay tuned on FOX at (bizarre time, again) 8:37 PM.

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