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Grampa is pitching tonight.

The World Series heads to Philadelphia tonight, and the starting pitcher for the Phillies is almost as old as the Liberty Bell.

Jamie Moyer will stand above everyone on the field tonight both literally and figuratively. Matt Garza, who will be opposing Moyer, was two years-old when Moyer made his big league debut. This guy may be over the hill in age, but he still owns the mound on the baseball field. Moyer led the Phillies with 16 wins this season and only 7 losses. 

Now, Moyer’s last game did not go too well. He struggled (to put it kindly) against the LA Dodgers, giving up six runs through 1 1/3 innings. In the NLDS, Moyer was not terrible against the Brewers and lasted four innings, giving up 2 runs on 4 hits, but the Phillies failed to provide any offense and Moyer ended up losing that game as well.

He takes the mound tonight with a 13.50 ERA against a team that has been crushing baseballs out of the park all postseason, but there are four very important things to remember about Jamie Moyer.

1. He is an entire decade older than the oldest player on the Rays. Age = experience in baseball, so those extra years could mean a lot on a big stage. Where others may feel shaky and nervous, Moyer’s veteran status should help keep things in perspective for him.

2. He doesn’t shy away from advice from anyone. At 45, he could be older than some of his coaches, but he still acknowledges that they know best. He’ll trust in his team tonight. He’ll do his best to give them a chance to win. (Moyer is taking advice in this picture, Myers is giving advice.)
3. He is so old that he looks like a manager. Thus, if all goes wrong, Moyer could just pretend he’s Charlie Manuel, not the starting pitcher. The blame would be directed towards someone else. (Just sayin’ he could do that, not that he will)


4. It’s close to Halloween. If he doesn’t want to pretend to be the manager of the team should something bad happen, he could always dress up in some costume and run away. Halloween is one of the many benefits to having the postseason stretch late into October. It provides players/managers with a chance to disguise themselves if need be without looking suspicious.

Let’s just hope the rain abates and this game gets under way!