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Champagne on Hold

When you’re 18 years old, you often look at things saying, “I’ve never seen this before,” and wonder if it has actually happened before you were born. Last night, both Joe Maddon, who was alive during creation, and I had never seen anything like that game before. A World Series clinching game suspended in the sixth inning – what are the chances?

As the game went on, it was obvious something had to be done. When grounder off of B.J. Upton’s bat slipped out of Jimmy Rollins’s hand, it was becoming very clear that the weather was a severe impediment to both teams’ abilities. Cole Hamels was pitching off of a mound of mud, second base was somewhere in the middle of the Infield Sea, and the wind was toying devilishly with anything hit in the air.

I doubt there was any way to continue the game without the weather having a large impact, and I definitely agree that suspending the game was the right thing to do, but what does this mean for the rest of the Series?

Hamels is definitely out of the game now, but would that have been the case in the seventh if the weather had been perfect? The teams will play three innings, instead of nine, to decide the fate of the season. This is effectively a new game.

When will Game 5 even be finished? The rain and wind is still in Philly, pounding away and drenching the area. They certainly won’t start it again under the same weather that was in the area last night.

Does the wait serve as an advantage for the Rays, so that they can get more rest in before what could be the most important three innings of their season? Does the wait serve as an advantage for the Phillies, who remain confident with a 3-1 series lead and give the Rays extra time to think about the perilous situation the Rays face.

Would Upton have still been safe if Rollins had handled the ball cleanly? That play created the tie game – the Phillies might have been ahead if Upton had grounded out.

This is a first for baseball, a first for me, a first for every fan. We’ll see what happens tonight. Until then, it’s time to cower under umbrellas or hide indoors (the rain has now reached Boston and it’s wicked cold, windy, rainy and gross here too).