Gettin’ Even

You didn’t think the Rays would sit back all series and be overrun by the Phillies, did you?

Last night the Phillies had Ryan Howard hitting again, but that couldn’t save them from a powerful and overwhelming performance by James Shields, who, by the way, happens to be a member of the u30 team. 

In fact, all of the big players for the Rays last night (with the exception of the umpire) were members of the u30 team. 23 year-old David Price ran into a few jams last night, but he was able to get himself out of trouble and hold on to the win. As previously mentioned, Jason Bartlett, the taco winner, is 29. Longoria, Pena and Upton, who all knocked in runs for the Rays last night, are 23, 30 (we’ll forgive Carlos, he’s borderline u30 club) and 24 respectively. 


How big was Kerwin Danley’s half-out call in the second inning? On a 3-2 count to Rocco Baldelli, Danley raised his arm as if to call Baldelli out on a borderline pitch that Baldelli may or may not have swung at, but then proceeded to either check with the first base umpire or award Baldelli first base. The Rays were able to load the bases and knock in an insurance run in what ended up as a 4-2 game. 

Did that call (or non-call) change the pace of the game, or did it just expedite the inevitable?

Strikeouts or no strikeouts, this series goes to Philly knotted at 1 game apiece. Rays in 5? Phillies in 5? Will the series stretch to 6 games or will it end in a do-or-die Game 7? 

Leave your predictions here!

Picture from Tampa Tribune.


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